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Inside the Herban Legends Dispensary

Inside a Seattle dispensary

Herban Legends, situated at 55 Bell St Seattle WA 98121, is the first weed shop and Seattle dispensary in Bell town opened for recreational purpose. The cannabis shop of our establishment is situated about 5 minutes drive away from the Space Needle and 5 minutes walk away from Pike Place Market. Our location on the corner of Elliot Avenue and Bell Street is very convenient to all of our customers. We are open from 8.00am to 11.45 pm all the seven days of a week.

Our Mission

Our mission at Herban Legends is to provide the best experience of a pot shop to our local community. We also support local musicians and artists. Thus we are implementing an innate relationship between pot and art in a unique manner.

Who Visited Herban Legends Recently?

According to the reports published by TMZ, Ezekiel Elliott, the rookie running back of Cowboys, visited the marijuana shop of Herban Legends while he visited Seattle for a pre-season game in opposition to Seahawks. This report further explained that Elliot had not purchased anything even though he visited the store on Thursday near downtown Seattle. The owner of the Cowboys explained about his awareness about the visit of Elliot to marijuana shop after the game of Thursday to The Dallas Morning News.

Ezekiel Elliot, the 21 years old rookie of Cowboys visited the weed shop of Herban Legends when he was in Seattle as he was just searching for the legal weed shops in this city. But instead of having the coolest pot experience he searched out for some of the merchandise on the afternoon of the Thursday. It was good for Elliot that he did not purchase anything from Herban Legends as marijuana available at this spot was banned by NFL even if it is legal in Seattle, Washington.

Herban Legends, the pot store in Seattle, was also visited by Newy Scruggs of NBC 5, one day before it was visited by the running back Ezekiel Elliot, when he was in Seattle to cover the game of Cowboys in opposition to Seahawks.

Though marijuana is allowed to be sold and used in Seattle legally but still it is not legal to be used by the players of NFL. Though people usually visit Herban Legends to look really big but still it is just not good. The players whose test result shows positive to drugs have to face suspensions and fines for drug abuse.

This year, the Cowboys are already dealing with their suspension related to the drugs. So, for four games, they have lost their defensive end situated at Demarcus Lawrence for four games only. Along with it they also have to lose Randy Gregory, a defensive player and Rolando McClain, the linebacker, for ten games.

Things Available at Herban Legends

Along with providing the best experience of marijuana, we at Herban Legends also offer a wide variety of merchandise including flowers, concentrates, pre-roll, topical and edible items, which you can enjoy in your day-to-day life. We also provide various gift items including embroidered patches, coloring books, mugs and water bottle which you can gift to your family and friends at some special occasion. You will certainly love these gift items and can gift to anyone on any special occasions.

We at Herban Legends also offer a wide variety of apparels especially designed for men as well as women along with a wide variety of unisex clothes which can be used by men and women with equal ease and comfort. Along with that, we also offer various types of art products which you can use to decorate your home. All of the gift and daily-use items provided by Herban Legends can be used as promotional products as all of them have their logo and name printed on them.

So if you are over 21 years old and search for a weed shop during your visit to Seattle then you must visit the Seattle dispensary, Herban Legends. You will not only have the best pot experience, which you may not get anywhere else but also be able to purchase a wide variety of merchandise for you and your family and friends. We also support the local active community of music and art lovers.